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Belprime LTD

Belprime LTD expresses gratitude to the Administrative Resource Consulting Company for the professional implementation of executive search project.

Belprime provides software solutions which help companies and webmasters around the world in the field of search engine optimization and Internet marketing. As the company has been growing fast, it was decided by the business leadership to involve a consulting agency to assist with the recruitment of specialists for complex positions. After running through the highly competitive Belarusian market of consulting agencies we have managed to make a right choice after all.

During our cooperation “Administrative Resource” has demonstrated itself as a reliable and confident partner. Each time we’ve turned to the company while searching for a unique specialists we’ve got the appropriate candidate           within the minimum period of time.

Administrative Resource” has successfully assisted us to fulfill 5 highly specialized IT positions in development and product management. Recruited Product Managers as well as Senior and Lead JAVA developers were of high expertise and appropriate experience to go deep into our technologies. We’ll surely continue cooperation with the consulting company, especially when the project requires complex, unique and really professional decision.

We are convinced that our company will achieve great goals with the help of the recruited employees. Belprime thanks Administrative Resource for being fully dedicated to each project while being able to provide high level of service.

Belprime LTD
CEO Yuri Bitno
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