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Delve Partners LLC

Delve Partners LLC expresses gratitude to the Administrative Resource Consulting Company for the professional research and recruitment of specialists. 

DELVE office in Belarus has been supporting major US relations in the fields of programmatic media management, data science, and digital analytics. Amid the rapid growth, it was determined by the business leadership to involve a consulting agency to assist with the recruitment process in Minsk. After running several pilot initiatives with the leading Belarus agencies, the Administrative Resource Consulting Company was chosen to become the primary recruiting partner for all tech and marketing departments.

In the course of the year, "Administrative Resource" proved its reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner. Every new project was meticulously groomed with proper context and business discovery. The high delivery standards and the proper consultancy team qualifications allowed us to receive the right candidates on time.

With the help of the Administrative Resource Company, we successfully closed 11 complex positions in Web Analytics, Media, Infrastructure and Data Science in 2019 and we continue partnering with them on the 2020 vision. The company has proven itself as a responsible business partner who managed to deliver above and beyond while working on a young and limited market. 

We thank Administrative Resource for the genuine enthusiasm and high level of provided services. 

Delve Partners LLC
Administrative Director A. Semenihin
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A letter of appreciation to Administrative Resource LLC for IT-Recruiting

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